The Perfect Cellar for Golfers Wines

2 February 2017

Not too hot, not too cold, not too bright. Storing wine is an art in itself – one that comes naturally to our underground chalk cellars in Berkshire.

The Perfect Conditions

The humidity in our cellars is fairly constant as is the 12°C temperature and with no sunlight or vibrations to disturb the wine, every bottle stays in tip top condition.

From Mine To Wine

Our cellars started life as a chalk mine. In the Second World War, they were converted into an aircraft factory. And in the early days of the Cold War, they were used as a top-secret, highly classified bunker. History of Our Old Chalk Mine Cellars

Our chalk mine cellars have even been featured in Midsomer Murders!

Take a Trip Underground

Our chalk mine cellars are a working warehouse, but we sometimes host tastings down in the cellars. If you’d like to visit, please get in touch.

"Perfection Comes Naturally"